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Passion for significant cycling traffic growth

Providing services from strategic direction to planning cycling infrastructure, community engagement, promotion of cycling, business cases, and other services.

The Third Wave Cycling Group is a group of dedicated professionals from a variety of backgrounds with commonly shared experiences in cycling with vision and expertise in how to make communities cycling-friendly.

We believe that cycling and cycling combined with transit should be a viable transportation option for everyone. We believe that cycling should be safe and accessible for people of all ages and abilities, not just the brave few First Wave cyclists who revel in cycling in heavy traffic and the Second Wave cyclists who will take to bike lanes on busy streets.


Current Activities:

Bike share systems

Part of a bid team for a bike share system for a city, providing bike station siting planning, community engagement with business and organizations, and local insight.

CycloTouring program

Providing resources in development and implementation of a provincial-wide cyclotouring program for the British Columbia Cycling Coalition focusing on significant touring traffic growth.

Past activities:

International conference management

Third Wave resources led the bid team for the 850-participants Velo-city Global 2012 Conference in Vancouver and the conference chair.

Regional bike parking and bike station study

A transportation authority with responsibility for transit within a large metropolitan city engaged Third Wave to undertake a Cycling Support Services Studycontaining strategies on improving bicycle parking, end-of-trip facilities and bicycle transit integration.

Bicycle network master plan

Third Wave developed a plan for small municipality supported by a public consultation process.

Bike Share

Third Wave studied the feasibility of developing a bike share solution with upcoming technologies and a differently focused business plan. On-Site visits were made to a number of cities with bike share systems for evaluation and for observing their customers.

Third Wave principals have been involved in

Design considerations for making a cycling-friendly rapid transit system (train cars, stations, network, and abutting road.)

City plan and corridor study for rail corridor and electric transmission right-of-ways.

Promoting growth-oriented cycling facilities with cities enticing motorists to give cycling a try.

Business cases for active transportation

Designing cycling guides for potential cyclists

Regional cycling data collection

Commitment to excellence

We are committed to working with with communities, developers, businesses and individuals to create the excellent cycling facilities that everyone will find irresistible. With both vision and attention to detail, we will help ensure the cost effective implementation of the high quality facilities that people are demanding.

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