Arbutus Corridor

Arbutus Corridor

Bicycle-Oriented Development

Bikes are Good For Business

Homebuyers are being squeezed between rising fuel and food prices and harder to get credit. By enabling them cycle for their everyday trips, they can use their car less, get rid of the second car or even adopt a car-free lifestyle. The money saved will allow them to buy their first home sooner or buy a more expensive unit.

People Love to Cycle

The real bottom line is that people love to cycle. Studies have indicated that high quality bicycle paths nearby can increase property values by 15%.

Certainty in an Uncertain Future

By embracing bicycle-oriented development you can reduce underground parking decreasing construction timelines and cost. With less investment in a project that comes to market soon being sold to customers with free cash, success is more likely regardless of what happens to the economy and the price of oil.

Traffic Trouble

Community concerns over potential traffic generated by development can cause costly delays. By providing excellent cycling facilities in and around your project, concerns over increased traffic can be addressed.

Our Services

Third Wave Cycling would be pleased work with you and your team on all the elements necessary to integrate high quality cycling facilities into your development.

From concept through to sales, we can add value throughout the process. Our services include:

  • Visioning and Concept Development
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Marketing Plans Focused on Cyclists
  • Cycling Facilities Design
  • Public Consultation
  • Bicycle Parking Design

Please contact us for more information.